About Whole Health Rx


Whole Health Rx is an integrated pharmacy management solution designed to help you manage patients with behavioral health conditions, including pediatric and geriatric populations, who often have comorbidities such a cardiovascular, respiratory, and chronic pain conditions.


How Whole Health Rx Works

Our evidence-based quality metrics and proprietary algorithms screen medical diagnosis, pharmacy claims, and lab data to identify patients taking behavioral health medication who also have common co-morbid conditions. 

We then work with you, and other healthcare providers, to identify and resolve outlying prescribing patterns, gaps in care and potential drug interactions to drive patient safety and increase quality of care.  Patterns identified include:

• Medication dosing outside maximum/minimum standards

• Polypharmacy utilization-duplicate therapy

• Polypharmacy utilization-multiple prescribers

• Off-label use of medications

• Failure of patients to fill their prescriptions in a timely fashion

• Comorbid condition polypharmacy contraindications


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