Program Description

Whole Health Rx provides information about medications through multi-channel consultations and 
educational materials to assist you in your efforts to provide safe, appropriate, and cost-effective care to your patients. 
Here are some of the ways we can communicate with each other:

Face-to-Face Clinical Consultation with a Clinical Pharmacist

A dedicated behavioral health clinical pharmacist is one of the key components of the Whole Health Rx program. They are 
your personal resource for questions and may schedule appointments directly with you to review member-specific quality opportunities, current literature, and best practice guidelines. Telephonic and virtual consultations using webcam technology may also be available.

If you would like to schedule an individualized consultation with your Whole Health Rx pharmacist, please contact us at 1-800-243-3771 or by e-mail at

Direct Mailings of Member-Level Reports

Targeted educational packets are mailed to providers who are identified through monthly data analysis. These packets include member-specific quality opportunities relating to prescribing and utilization scenarios that may fall out of line with best practices.

Your Whole Health Rx pharmacist may contact you shortly after you receive a packet. If you do not receive a phone call, you can request a consultation at any time.

Provider Help Line

Our toll-free Provider Help Line, 1-800-243-3771, is available to you to provide feedback or schedule a consultation with a clinical pharmacist. After you develop a relationship with your dedicated Whole Health Rx pharmacist, you can always call them directly.

Dedicated Email Box

A secure e-mail address is also available for you to ask questions, provide feedback, or schedule a consultation with our clinical pharmacists. You can email us at After you develop a relationship with your Whole Health Rx pharmacist, you can always email them directly.

Educational Resources

Our website contains clinical resources to assist you in staying up-to-date on the latest clinical information, new medications to market, and evidence-based guidelines.

  • Consultation tools include online access to patient information, the ability to request a virtual consultation, online access to a clinical pharmacist, and a way to provide feedback on your consultations.
  • Clinical Guidelines provide best practice guidelines, clinical alerts, newsletters, and other condition-specific evidence-based guidelines.
  • The medication center provides medication information, prescribing references for new medications, and access to the latest FDA clinical alerts.

Provider Forums

The dedicated clinical pharmacist will attend provider workshops and forums.

Ask a Pharmacist

Get answers to your drug management questions from our expert panel of clinical

Medication Guide

Browse medications, potential drug interactions, dosage instructions, and more.

Health Library

View clinical practice guidelines and patient education materials.