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Web Browsers

Our Web site is optimized for the following Web browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 versions and above

Other browser versions and different browsers can still access our Web site, but the viewing experience and functionality may be reduced. For the highest level of security, you should use a 128-bit encryption browser. You can check your browser encryption level by clicking Help in the menu bar, and then About....

You can download and install a FREE browser with 128-bit encryption at the following Web site:

Microsoft Internet Explorer



To use our secure and personalized Web site, your Web browser must accept cookies. A cookie is a tiny piece of information that we place on your computer, which can be temporary or persistent. If your Web browser accepts cookies, a temporary cookie is stored in your browser's memory. If you close your browser, the cookie is eliminated. If you visit another site in the same browser, our cookie will continue to be active.

We also use cookies to help you keep your online session private. Once you log in, if there is no activity in your session for 30 minutes, we will end your session. This will help to prevent someone else from using your logged-in session if you walk away from your computer or forget to log out.

We may also use persistent cookies when you give us permission to do so. Persistent cookies are cookies stored on your PC. They allow us, with your permission, to remember information about you so that we may enhance your Web site experience the next time you visit our site. You must give us permission to allow our site to set persistent cookies. Information stored in persistent cookies is not shared with anyone. You may opt-out at any time.

An example of a situation in which persistent cookies are used is when you select the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging in to our site. In this case, your username is stored on your computer so that it is automatically displayed each time you visit the site.

Some of our partners also use cookies on their sites. However, we have no access to or control over these cookies. We encourage you to view the privacy policies on our partner sites.



Our Web site uses extensive JavaScript and requires that your browser is JavaScript-enabled. JavaScript is a simple programming language that offers additional features and design in Web browsers.


Screen Resolution

We designed our Web site to work well for screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and higher. The screen resolutionsignifies the number of dots (or pixels) on the entire screen. For example, an 1024 x 768 screen is capable of displaying 800 distinct dots across each of 600 rows.



plug-in is software that is added to the Web browser and adds additional features or services. If you don't have the appropriate plug-in, you must download and install the plug-in.

In some sections of, you will need the FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader plug-in. The Acrobat plug-in allows you to print forms or documents exactly as created.

 Get the FREE Acrobat® Reader plug-in.

You may also need the FREE Macromedia Flash Player. This plug-in allows you to see much of the interactive content on our site.

 Get the FREE Macromedia Flash Player plug-in.



One of the main factors in determining our standard is the ability of the browser to maintain a high level of security. This is primarily reflected in its encryption code. To ensure the security of valuable and personal information, users may only access our site using a browser equipped with 128-bit encryption or higher.

For the highest level of security, you should use a 128-bit encryption browser. You can check your browser encryption level by clicking Help in the menu bar, and then About....


You can download and install a FREE browser with 128-bit encryption, at the following Web site:

 Microsoft Internet Explorer

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